RL-495S: Magnificent combination of lighting & audio control for live broadcast

Pixco RL-495S 18 inch LED ring light with sound card is composed of LED ring light and sound card, combining lighting and audio control in single device.

Both lighting and audio control can be worked on the light body, as well as remote control.

Made of 480 LED bulbs, working time is 50000 hours, color temperature from 3000K - 6000K. Powered by AC power, as well as 2 x NP-F550 batteries (not included). It is enough for most common live broadcast scenes.

Basic functions of audio control is possible: volume control (input, output, treble, bass, and so on), 3.5mm input and output jacks, USB charging ports are built in light body. Can carry 2 phones and 1 condenser microphone. It is simple to use, you do not need to add an extra sound card for live. (Note: using original Apple Lightning - 3.5mm jack adapter is recommended for Apple phones)

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