ND1000 Filters Comparison: B+W 3.0 ND110 Vs Camdiox CPRO ND1000 Which better for 10 stop ND filter

Thinner Comparison

Photo taken in a pure flat surface.

B+W filter is 0.3mm thicker than Camdiox filter and Camdiox filter is 0.1mm.

Test Photos :
In the following sample photos, the general settings and the equipments are : 
Canon 5D Mark III on Tripod, Canon 24-70mm IILens, ISO 200, Apurture : f/5.6, Wireless Remote Control
During testing we have only changed the shutter speed and ND Filter on the Camera. Other settings remained same.

Shutter Speed : 1/100 second (No Filter) 

Shutter Speed : 15/1 Seconds (B+W ND110 Filter) : Raw format photo was given 50% more (+) exposure in Photoshop.

Shutter Speed : 15/1 Seconds (Camdiox ND1000), No PS Work

Findings :

B+W : Although this filter also produced good result, its photo was underexposed by about 1/2 stop. And from the 100% Crop photo above (where there is 10stop exposure reduction) it is clearly seen that the photo is dark. So that means that that filter in fact gives 10.5 stops exposure reduction. So the exposure of our test photo has been increased by 50% in Camera Raw in PS6.
From the filter photo above it can seen that, the glass of B+W filter is darker compared to Camdiox filters. So this also explains that that filter in fact gives more than 10 stops. And in our test it gave 10.5 stop similiar like ND1500 filter.
And one another fact is that this filter causes slightly color cast, shifting to the pink a little. But it can be easily corrected in PS.
Regarding the weight, B+W filter is 50% heavier than Camdiox.

Camdiox : This filter also produced good result. It did not cause any sharpness loss. No color cast as well. So as a result the big version of the photo have a right exposure in Camera Raw in Photoshop CS6.
In terms of thickness, Camdiox is the most thinner/slimmest filter compared to B+W. So thats the reason Camdiox calls their filter as Ultra Slim ND1000 filter.
As u will see here, Camdiox filter has performed better than the B+W filters. Camdiox filter is almost 40% cheaper than B+W Filter but having a better performance.
Regarding B+W filter, considering its high price I would expect much better result. Although slight color shift to pink can be corrected in PS, users expect no color shift from such an expensive filter. But bear in mind that B+W gives 10.5 stops.

Photo and coomented by Fotografci

Great New!

Brand New Camdiox CPro Nano ND1000 Filer

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