FusionLens - cinematic wide-angle fisheye 360 on iPhone - iPhone X / XS / XS Max version

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FusionLens - cinematic, wide-angle, fisheye, 360 on iPhone

Item Information

FusionLens is the world’s first smart lens to capture cinematic, wide-angle, fisheye, 360 on iPhone.

FusionLens is a dual lens optical system for mobile photographers to capture stunning wide-angle videos and photos.

Featured on Forbes, FusionLens 2.0 version launched in early this year with 500% funded on Indiegogo.

This little piece of clip-on fulfills all the wishes a mobile photographer would dream for, from anamorphic, 8mm wide-angle, fisheye to 360° shooting.

One for all features:
23:9 cinematic video
8mm wide-angle
180° wide selfie
210° fisheye
360° photo & time-lapse video

Hardware design:
Ultra-wide dual lens system (210° each side)
Intuitive camera alignment
High-quality glass lens with anti-flair coating
Lightweight and battery-free

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