Travor MTL-900 II Portable Handheld LED Magic Tube Light 298 LED bulbs

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Travor MTL-900 II LED Magic Tube Light -- 298 LED light bulbs


Detail Information

Travor brand professional LED Tube light MTL-900II is specially designed with vertical tube, 298 LED, compatible batteries SONY F550 ,power display; provide photographic images of strength and clarity. Video taking, either for lights setup or supplement.Infrared remote control to control the mtl-900 all the features on the photo light. Reducing the photographer is moving back and forth between the camera and photography light regulation, allowing you to adjust the light of more convenient.


*Ultra-portable compact design is only 4.5cm in diameter easy to hold

*high CRI display of LED lamp beads

*design of changeable battery F550

*built-in li-ion battery charging circuit

*Intelligent memory function

*with 3200K color filter tube

*infrared remote control supported

*standard tripod screw hole

*international SOS emergency signal

*effects similar to ice light


Package Included

- MTL-900 II x 1
- F550 Batteries x 1 (shipped separately)
- Charger x 1
- Manual x 1
- Colorful box x 1
- Remote control x 1



Because of aviation policy, Li-ion battery will be shipped by surface mail separately.

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