FHUGEN HONU V2.0 Video Cage for GH3 / GH4 / Sony A7/A7R/A7S / Nikon Z50

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Honu V2.0 GH3 / GH4 / Sony A7/A7R/A7S Video Cage

Detail Information

- Unique, Fresh & Innovative Design.

This unique, fresh and innovative design is the culmination of extensive research coupled with forward looking vision. Our design process is a series of precise steps that the engineers engage with that fosters innovative results.

- HotShoe Lock

The Honu V2.0 Cage - {GH-3} is designed to wrap around the Panasonic GH3 / GH4 / Sony A7/A7R/A7S camera body as closely as possible while locking into it by fastening to the bottom of the camera and on the top via the HotShoe Lock. This double fastening system ensures a rock steady mount of the camera even under demanding situations such as using a follow focus.

- Monitor Fits

There is plenty of room to swivel and tilt the OLED display monitor to facilitate shooting from high or low angles.

- Cables Fit

We made sure that all of your cables can still be routed into the GH3. There are plenty of hole mounts to add on our optional HDMI Clamp or any other accessories such as a microphone.

- Anti Twist

We have included anti-twist front stops on the forward edge of the cage that aligns the GH3 camera parallel to the cage. In addition, on the base of the cage we have provided a pin hole for the Manfrotto 501PL Quick Release plate. The pin hole will keep the QR plate perpendicular to the cage.

- Battery Access

Battery access is crucial during a shoot and we ensured that the battery can be serviced with the Honu Cage - {GH3} attached.

- Media Access

The SD Card door is fully accessible with the Honu Cage - {GH3} attached.

- Dovetails

There are three hotshoe dovetails on the top of the cage, one on each side and one in the center. Accessories with hot shoe mounts on them can be easily attached to the cage. The center dovetail is great for a hotshoe mount handle or microphone.


Cautions for Nikon Z50 users:

1) Hot shoe lock is not complete, only 1 layer can be used.
2) Usage of LCD screen is limited, selfie mode is not possible.
3) Using Z 16-50mm lens is recommended.



- Honu V2.0 Video Cage X1

- 1/4"-20 Camera Tripod Screw X1

- Blocking Screws (for anti-twist) X2

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