Double Arm Twin Variable Color Beauty LED Video Light for mobile live broadcast selfie Tiktok YouTube facebook

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Double arm Twin Variable color Portable Beauty LED Video Light

​- for mobile live broadcast -


Detail Information

RL-45X is make up of 224 pieces (112 each) high quality and LED SMD lights, with stable color temperature and high IP, it can isolate DC power supply.Built-in temperature protect the electronic circuit.


Model: RL-45X
Output Voltage: 18V 3A
LED Outer Power. 45w
Color Temperature:3200k-5600k
Input Voltage AC 110V-240V
LED number:White 112pcs / Warn 112pcs
Dimmer: Stepless adjustment
USB charging interface:5V,2A

1. Take out the light from the package,connect the adapter to the DC power cord of light,rotate the fixed bracket knob,install it on on the tripod,and connect AC:110~ 240V power supply.
2. Press the switch knob to turn on the power switch,when the display screen show the power,you will enter the brightness adjustment model.The brightness can be adjusted step by step from 5% to 100% ,increasing clockwise and decreasing step by step in the counterclockwise direction.Each toggle button changes by 1%.
3. In the power-on state,press the switch knob to enter the color
temperature adjustment mode when the display shows the color temperature value. The color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 5600K,gradually increasing in the clockwise direction, decreasing in the counterclockwise direction,and changing the toggle button by 100K.
4.Press the switch button to switch between the color temperature adjustment mode and the brightness adjustment mode.
5.Press and hold the switch knob for 2 seconds.When the display show OFF,the device is turned off and the power can be turned off.6.The light body can be rotated 350° and can be switched 180° to the side direction also,the hose pipe can be adjusted as needed.

Please do not use adaptor and batteries together.
Please do not put the light in to over-heat and over-moisture place.
Please do not touch the light, and do not let the device be exposed to rain or moisture, to avoid circuit problem.
Do not throw the batteries into the fire or over-heat environment,when the energy is using up,the battery is easy to leak liquid.Please do not work long time,to avoid the light damage.Please pick up the batteries after the energy used up. If the liquid touch your skin or cloth,please wash it with a lot of water.

Packing list
RL series light body x 1
Adapter x 1
Bag x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Mobile phone holder x 1

Bulk purchase
- US$ 45.00 / pc
- Quantity and shipping price to be negotiated

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