480 LED Variable Color Round Beauty LED Video Light for mobile live broadcast selfie Tiktok YouTube facebook

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480 LED Variable color Portable Round Beauty LED Video Light

​- for mobile live broadcast -


Detail Information

RL-480 shows no shadow aperture by the ring design. It is make up of 480 pieces high quality and LED SMD lights, with stable color temperature and high IP, it can isolate DC power supply.Built-in temperature protect the electronic circuit.


Model: RL-480
Input power: 100V/240V 50HZ/60HZ
Output power: 60W
Adjustment range: Stepless adjustment
Battery: SONY F970 battery
Color temperature: 3000K~6000K(±200K)
Flash index: RA>90
Dimension(mm): Internal diameter 315MM / outer diameter 455MM
Weight: 1.5KG

Operation instructions:
Please get out the light from the bag,insert the power line into the plug and connect AC.
Turn on the light,“K”is lighting, into the model of color temperature,color temperature from 3200K to 5600K.
Push the muti-function knob,and then “W”is lighting,please turn the rotation knob clockwise,then the light is lighting(digital power display P0-P100).Adjust conversely.
Push the mufti-function knob continuously,into the electricity volume,“Batt”will be lighting,and then display the volume(the lowest E00 to the highest E10).
If you use adaptor,the volume will display “FULL”.
It also can use SONY battery, insert the battery,and turn on the light. (please don 't use AC and DC at the same time)
It can fix on the camera, and also can fix on the light stand.

Please do not use adaptor and batteries together.
Please do not put the light in to over-heat and over-moisture place.
Please do not touch the light, and do not let the device be exposed to rain or moisture, to avoid circuit problem.
Do not throw the batteries into the fire or over-heat environment,when the energy is using up,the battery is easy to leak liquid.Please do not work long time,to avoid the light damage.Please pick up the batteries after the energy used up. If the liquid touch your skin or cloth,please wash it with a lot of water.

Packing list
RL series light body x 1
Adapter x 1
Bag x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Mobile phone holder x 1
Bluetooth remote control x 1
Tripod light stand x 1

Bulk purchase
- US$ 40.00 / pc
- Quantity and shipping price to be negotiated

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