Commlite CM-MET-FX Metal Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube for Fujifilm X mount camera

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Commlite CM-MET-FX Automatic Macro Extension Tube for X-Mount Camera

Detail Information


Automatic Macro Extension Tube for Fujifilm X-Mount camera is composed by two different ring(10mm, 16mm) which can be used alone or combined (3 Different Combinations) to meet your needs for different close-up magnification. The connector is designed with new electronic technology, which can help you to achieve Auto-focus and TTL Exposure functions, it also supports Full-Frame Shooting. It is a wonderful partner for Fujifilm X-Mount lens and camera used for Macro Shooting !

Main Features

Focus on Exact Macro Shooting
Support Exact TTL Exposure and Auto-focus
Built-in Electronic Pins and Internal Driver
Support All X-Mount Cameras
Made of High-quality Aluminum Alloy, Powerful and Stable
Including Two Tubes(10mm, 16mm), 3 Different Combinations
New Electronic Technology, Convenient for Macro Shooting
Compact and Delicate

1.Extension Tube is only suitable for macro shooting, it can't focus infinitely after installing
2.The focusing distance is limited after installing Extension Tube, and the focusing range is different with different focal lengths so you can adjust the focal length by changing the distance between the object and the camera or by operating the zoom device of the main lensn
3.Take care that the exposure needs to be increased after installing Extension Tube (The use of tripod and flash is advisable)
4.Support Auto-focus, it's best to switch to manual focus mode if the subject’s depth becomes shallow


Compatible lens:  X-mount lens

Compatible Cameras: X-mount camera

Front installation: X-mount lens

Rear installation: X-mount camera

Camera-Mount Outer Diameter: 62mm

Lens-Mount Outer Diameter: 62mm

Length: 33mm

Weight: 77g

Package Included

Commlite CM-MET-FX auto focus extension tube x 1

Retail package X 1

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