M42 screw Lens to Canon EOS R RF mount Adapter with macro focusing helicoid

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New M42 mount lens to Canon EOS R RF Mount Adapter

With Macro Focusing Helicoid


Detail Information

The newest design product, lens adapter combine helicoid macro tube. Support both MACRO SHOOTING with helicoid adjust and INFINITY FOCUSING.

The length of this adapter is 26mm(min.) to 62mm (max.).

It allow you to take close up/macro image more easier when full extended. It can focus infinity when closed of course. It's fit for the M42 lens on the Canon EOS R RF camera body, saving you the expense of a costly and irreversible conversion. The adapter has no lens element so it does not effect optical performance.


-Color: black
-Made of aluminium and brass
-Support both focus infinity and macro shooting

Package Included

M42 lens to Canon EOS R adapter (with focusing helicoid) x 1

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