AF Confirm Pentax 645 P645 Lens to Nikon F Mount Adapter D600 D800 D3200 D5200

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Pentax 645 mount Lens to Nikon F mount adapter ring

With AF Confirm Chip for Nikon

Focus infinity


Detail Information

For using Nikon cameras with Pentax 645 mount lenses.

Allows focus infinity.

You should remember that extension ring doesn’t work, diaphragm control is set manually. This adapter can work with lenses having both only automatic diaphragm (A) and selector A/M (automatic/manual diaphragm). It is possible to use Macro rings and other accessories.

With AF chip (compatible with Dandelion) installed on a lens with an automatic AI-S aperture, the aperture will be controlled through the camera similar to autofocus lenses. This is one of Nikon's strongest points: you don't have to care about aperture when using an old manual lens.

There are only three film cameras that AF chip is not compatible with: F4, F60 and F90x. It works with all other models perfectly. 

Fixed aperture value at F/2.8.

Gives correction of focus confirmation dot. Using manual control (M) mode in manual focus (MF) function is recommended.

Jolos TM Mount Adapter Nikon/M42 Settings:

  1. Put red marks of the adapter and lens collar together.
  2. Turn the adapter anticlockwise till the fixative click.
  3. Set Pentax 645 lens.

Jolos TM Mount Adapter Nikon/M42 Removing:

To remove the adapter you should turn the adapter clockwise.

Jolos TM Mount Adapter Nikon/M42 Note:

Working with Pentax 645 lenses acknowledgement of the focusing is not made. The aperture is not set. Expo-modes:

  1. P (program) – identical to Av mode;
  2. Tv (flash priority) – doesn’t work;
  3. Av (diaphragm priority) – works as usual;
  4. M (manual) – aperture and flash are changed. Inaccuracy of exposure defining is indicated by expo-correction.

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