Color Filter Holder + 55mm 55 mm P Adapter Ring for Cokin P series color filter

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New 55mm Ring Adapter & Filter Holder

same as cokin, for cokin filter P series

Detail Information

This auction is selling a ring adapter + filter holder ( 55mm , at screw on any 55mm filter size lens)

The adapter and filter holder is used for setting the filters onto the camera.

There also have 52,55,58,62,67,72,77mm ring adapter in the market.

if you want to use this filter holder in different size lens, you only need buy extra different size ring adapter only.


Intallation method:

screw the ring adapter in the front of your lens, and mount the holder on ring adapter, lastly,you need set the color filter into holder.


You can attach many kinds of color filter card in this filter holder.

(Blue, red, orange, gray, green, yellow, gray (ND2, ND4, ND8), graduated blue, graduated pink, graduated red, graduated green, graduated gray (ND4), graduated orange,brown,graduated brown )

Packing included:

- 55mm aluminum made ring adapter

- Plastic made filter holder ( can fit all size ring adapter)

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