Macro Tilt Adapter for Canon EOS EF mount lens to Canon EOS 5D II III 60D 700D

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New Canon EOS Lens to Canon EOS EF Mount adapter
Tilt Adapter - Macro confirm only

Detail Information

The adapter is new, top of the line quality. Made of aluminum (camera body mount) anodized black, and brass (lens mount) chromed silver.

Also, it is very well made (of brass and aluminum) adapter, which will allow you to use common Canon EOS lenses for macro photography with tilt focusing in Canon EOS cameras.


Provide maximum 8 degree tilt.

Auto focus cannot function, Manual focus manual exposure, but AV mode is still available.

If M couldn't be pressing the shutter, or warning "lens is not properly installed",please modify the camera menu settings. Usually called the" release the shutter the lens is not installed ", you can modify the settings to allow. Specifically refer to the camera manual.

Important Notes

When using EOS lenses, you can only shoot with max. aperture of your lens

Macro confirm only, cannot support focusing infinity. 
(Max. focusing distance is about 30cm)

Package Included

Canon EOS macro tilt adapter x 1

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