Macro Confirm Canon FD Lens to Olympus 4/3 Four Thirds Adapter E-3 30 400 500 10

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Canon FD Lens to Olympus 4/3 (E series) camera
Macro Adapter

100% quality Guarantee by ROXSEN

Detail Information

The items on auction are an adapter which allows Canon FD lenses to be used on digital cameras with the Olympus 4/3 mount; a Canon FD Mount which will enable a 4/3 camera to work with a variety of accessories via the adapter.

The above items will allow an Olympus owner who has a Canon FD lense to widen the scope of photography they undertake.

The adapter is manual so focus will have to be preset, however exposure is automatic.

It Can't Focus To Infinity, for macro shooting only.

Colour : Black and Silver

Work For:

all Olympus 4/3 DSLR camera

E620 /E520 /E510/E500/E420/E410/E400/E3.etc.

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