Macro AF Confirm Adapter for M39 lens to MINOLTA SONY ALPHA A77 A580 A99 A900

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Brand New Macro AF Confirm Leica M39 Lens
to Sony /Minolta DSLR Adapter

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Detail Information

This adapter ring allows you to use your Leica M39 lens on your SONY/Minolta MA ALPHA Mount camera, saving you the expense of a costly and irreversible conversion.

It's macro confirmed only, and cannot focus infinity.

To use, simply attach the ring to your lens and then the lens to the camera. When you have finished remove both together. Its as easy as that! Auto focus (AF) is not available.

b Stop-down metering is used. Spot metering mode does not work properly.

Although it is possible to use the A (aperture-priority AE) mode in auto exposure, the aperture display is not available.

In the P (Program AE), or S (Shutter speed-priority AE) mode, the shutter releases, but the auto exposure control does not work.

The distance scale on the lens might not indicate the actual distance.

Please installing / uninstalling the adapter after turning off the camera.

It also has a stop screw and lens lock.

This AF confirm lens adapter is useful for obtain an accurate focus for manual focusing.

The view finder also indicates the focused area with a spot as well.

Note: The value of aperture is fixed at f/1.7 (50mm)

Colour : Black and silver


Package inclduded:

-Brand NEW AF confirmed Adapter

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