Camdiox 62mm F/2.9 2:1 Macro Prime Lens for Nikon F mount D5 Df D500 D810 D7200

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CAMDIOX 62mm f/2.9 2:1 Macro Prime Lens for Nikon F Mount


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The Camdiox 62mm F/2.9 prime lens is a 2X macro prime macro lens . It features the unique ability to photograph close-up subjects 18.5cm away at a 2:1 magnification ratio as well as distant subject with infinity focus. The versatility is offered by this manual focus, manual aperture selection lens benefits working with close-up subjects and then quickly switching to full length subjects at distance at distance without the need of extension tubes or other adapters. However some vignetting may occur when focused at infinity.

62mm 2:1 ultra-macro prime lens compatible with destined lens mount

The shortest subject distance of 18.5cm with a 2:1 magnification ratio for greater-than life size macro shooting without the need of extension tubes or adapters. In addition, it is also able to achieve infinity for general shooting application

Tilt function is available for mirrorless camera versions


Focus length: 62mm
FNO: 2.9
Field angle: 25.3 degree
Frame format: APS-C
Construction: 9 element in 7 groups
Blade of diaphragm: 14
Min. aperture: 22
Max. aperture: 18.5cm
Max. magnification: 2.0 magnification
Focus drive mode: manual focus
The diameter of filter: 62mm
Lens size (length/diameter): approx. 95x70mm
Weight: approx. 809g

Package Included

- Camdiox 62mm f/2.9 macro lens for Nikon x1 

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