25mm F/2.5 CCTV Lens (C Mount) body for APS-C sensor Micro 4/3 NEX FX

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CAMDIOX 25mm f2.5 CCTV Lens (C Mount) for APS-C sensor


Detail Information

- Third-party camera lens for C mount cameras.
- Manual control lens.


- Focal length: 25mm
- Aperture: f/2.5 to close (marked as F/1.4)
- Lens  Construction : 7 Elements 5 Groups
- Angle of View: 57.4° (APS-C sensor)
- Minimum Focus Distance: 0.20m - Infinity
- Mount Thread Size: C mount
- Filter Size: Ø46mm
- Camera Type: M4/3, NEX, FX, etc. (need to add C mount adapter)
- Lens Type: Normal
- Type of Focus: Manual
- Dimensions: 37.5mm x 49mm


Package Included

- Camdiox APS-C 25mm f/2.5 CCTV lens (C Mount) x 1

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