Socom Video Shoulder Rig

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Socom Video Shoulder Rig

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The Socom Video Shoulder Rig Kit is a solid foundation for video shooters looking to start out in 15mm Rail systems. The Socom Video Rig Kit can be configured as a basic lightweight camera stabilizer.

Or configured to a more advanced shoulder rig for supporting LED Lighting, Microphones, LCD Monitors, Portable Audio Recorders, Follow Focus Systems, and more.

The rods, clamps, handles, and shoulder pad are based around industry standard 15mm Rod systems which means you can continue to add on optional accessories from P&C or other manufacturers as you advance your build. For mounting accessories, we highly suggest using P&C Variable Friction Arms.

The long handles are important to prevent arm fatigue during operation, and the unique Shoulder / Chest Hybrid Pad can quickly be adjusted to transform the rig from a shoulder stabilizer to a gun-stock style Video rig.


- Dual Rod Camera Mounting Plate w/ Tripod Mount X1

- 10" 15mm Rails X2

- 6" 15mm Rails X2

- 90 Degree Clamps w/ 1/4-20 thread mounts X2

- 15mm Offset Clamp w/ 1/4-20 thread mount X1

- Shoulder / Chest Hybrid Pad w/ 1/4-20 thread mount X1

- Hard Grip handles X2

- Allen keys, one small and one larger X2

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