Kamerar MAX-1 Video Matte Box with Donut

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Kamerar MAX-1 Matte Box with Donut

Detail Information

The Kamerar MAX-1 Video Matte Box is constructed from aluminum and molded plastic. It can support a non-rotating single 4x4 Neutral Density Filter through a removable locking tray. The adjustable metal side and top flags shade the camera lens and can be removed easily for easy transporting.

The Kamerar MAX-1 matte box mounts to a standard set of 15mm Rails and height on the MAX-1 can be adjusted +/- 2". The Kamerar Universal Donut which is also included which is ideal for stopping light leaks.


- Kamerar MAX-1 Video Matte Box with adjustable height 15mm Rod Clamp X1

- Side Flags X2

- Top Flags X1

- 4X4 Filter Tray X1

- Donut X1


- Removable / Adjustable Metal Top and Side Flags.

- One 4X4 non-rotating ND Filter Tray.

- Adjustable height +/- 2".

- Requires 15mm Rails to mount (not included).

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