TacDraw Compact & Low profile capture Camera Holster holder clip as peak design

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TacDraw  Compact & Low profile capture Camera Holster holder clip 



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100% Brand New.

TacDraw made a new innovative camera holster holder  to solve the problems seen with traditional carrying methods.TacDraw holster allows you to comfortably carry your camera all day in a position that is both accessible and out of the way. Performing a quick tactical draw of your camera feels smooth and natural so you're always ready to capture the shot with your camera.

This compact design of the TacDraw holster holder gives a low profile that keeps your camera out of the way, while still giving easy and fast access to your camera. 

The lightweight and ergonomic deisng, TacDraw holster is the most comfortable and most secure way to carry your camera.

TacDraw design for lightweight DSLRs, mirrorless and point and shoot cameras up to 5 lbs/ 2.5kg.


Extra security and protection. When you holster your camera into the TacDraw, there a 2-step lock secures your camera into position. The camera can be drawn only whenever you need it. This  two step locking mechanism helps to prevent thefts and accidental drops of your expensive camera gear.
- high quality durable material made
- lightweight with lower profile , only around 7 ounces
- quick release plate, small size, big functionality
- arca swiws compatiable


Package included:

- Tacdraw  holster (camera and belt is not included

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