Angelo Pelle Genuine Leather Half Case For Leica M Type 240 Type 246 Black

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Angelo Pelle Genuine Leather Camera Half Case M Type 240 / Type 246 (Black)

Detail Information

- Colour Black with special texture on surface.
Inner finishing in high quality red porpora suede leather.
- Hand made by skilled Italian artisans with more then 30 years of experience in this field.
- The inner finishing is done with an extra soft high quality suede leather (color red porpora usually).
- Includes neck strap(adjustable in length up to 130/135 cm)with the same leather used for the half case.
- Each case is unique,there aren't 2 identical cases cause each leather is unique.

Vegetable Tanned Leather:

- This type of natural tanning proess uses tannin extracted from plants (mimosa, chestnut, quebracho, tara, etc etc). 
- Vegetable tannage is a very old procedure dating back to prehistoric period, a very slow process which is considered an art. 
- The formulas used by each Tuscan tannery is a well kept secret, a result of a careful blending of Tuscan culture and knowledge, passed down through the years from father to son. 
- Each skin is unique: this uniqueness means that it does not have a uniform appearance, which represents the leather quality. 
- The exclusive material is subject to the same wear as the person who use our half cases, the skin will gradually acquires that worn look who every person get with the life.

Package Included:

- Angelo Pelle Genuine Leather Camera Case for Leica M 240 (Black)x1
- Genuine Leather Neck Strap x1

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