Carry Speed PRO Mark III Prime Series sling strap for DSLR camera

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Carry Speed PRO Mark III Prime Series Sling Strap with F-2 Foldable Mounting Plate

Detail Information

- New Designed F-2 Foldable Mounting Plate.
- New Designed Stainless Steel Quick Release Connector.
- Free Safety Strap Included.
- Features  an all grip,non-slip,and detachable Ultra Wide neoprene shoulder pad.


- Innovative offset hanging design.
- Multiple tripod mounts ready design.
- Ultra comfortable neoprene shoulder pad.
- Stretchy material, absorb weight of camera.
- Non slip, all grip shoulder pad.
- 3-Button quick release snap buckle.
- Better distribution of load (distributed via a plate rather than a knob).
- Shoulder pad can be detached and replaced. 

Package Included:

- Prime Series PRO Mark III x 1 
- F-2 Foldable Mounting Plate x 1
- Safety Strap x 1
- Uni-Strap/Hand Strap x1

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