Carry Speed DOUBLE PRO Mark II sling strap for DSLR camera -- 2-camera design

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Carry Speed DOUBLE PRO Mark II 2-Camera Sling Strap System

Detail Information

- Comfortably supports the weight of two cameras at one time.
- AUltimate solution for the 2-3 camera shooter.
- Detachable shoulder pad, it works with Carry Speed low back support pad.


- Ultimate solution for 2 camera shooters 
- Original Offset Hanging Design 
- Multiple Tripod Mount Design 
- Detachable Shoulder Pads  
- 3 button quick release safety buckle 
- Better distribution of load (distributed via a plate rather than a knob) 
- FREE Uni-Strap included 
- Extra Wide Shoulder pad

Package Included:

- Double Shoulder Pad Harness x1
- C-4 Mounting Plate x 2
- Uni-Strap x 1

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