AF adapter for Pentax 67 6x7 Lens to Sony Alpha Minolta MA mount A A99 A900 A580

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Brand New ROXSEN AF confirmed adapter for 
Pentax 67 lens to Sony /Minolta


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Detail Information


Product Features:

This lens mount adapter allows Pentax 67 lens to fit on Sony Alpha / Minolta DSLR camera body. Although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other functions will not operate correctly while using this adapter.

All Pentax 67 lens compatible to 500 / 2000 / 200 / 900 series bodies will fit on this adapter, leaf shutter lens or non-leaf shutter lens.

By using this AF confirm lens adapter is useful for manual focusing. Simply half-press the shutter when pointing your lens to the object. Adjust the AF ring of your lens until you hear a beep sound, and you will obtain an accurate focus. The view finder will indicate the focused area with a spot as well. 

User Instruction:

Please use the adapter in this way

To Mount: Turn off the camera. Mount the Lens onto the adapter then mount them onto the camera.

To Remove: Remove both lens / adapter together from the camera, press the lens lock and then remove the adapter from the lens simultaneously. 
- In A (aperture-priority AE) mode in auto exposure, the aperture display is not available.
-In the P (Program AE), or S (Shutter speed-priority AE) mode but the auto exposure control does not work properly.  It is better to set camera on AF-C.

Note: The value of aperture is fixed at f/1.7 (50mm)

Compatible for:

- all Sony Alpha
- Minolta Dynax MA mount

Package Included:

Adapter x 1 

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