22'' Kamera Baton Extender for DJI OSMO/OSMO+

Product Code: Kamerar Baton Extender
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Have you ever felt limited with what you can do with the DJI Osmo/Osmo+? Now you can broaden the types of shots you can achieve with the Baton Extender.

Reach new heights and angles with the Baton Extender for the DJI Osmo/Osmo+ from Kamerar.

The Baton Extender lets you keep the pan and tilt controls within finger’s reach on the Osmo’s handle. Extend the capabilities on your Osmo/Osmo+ by getting unique angles and shots.


The adapter is designed to support electronic communication between the DJI Osmo’s handle and camera.

Retain full control of your Osmo/Osmo+ while extending your reach without any loss of functionality.




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