AF Advance Confirm Nikon F Lens To Canon EOS EF Adapter Type B

AF Advance Confirm Nikon F Lens To Canon EOS EF Adapter Type B

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AF Confirm Nikon Lens to Canon EOS mount adapter

Detail Information

AF confirm, with lock pin and stop screw

It allows Nikon Lens ( AF / AI / AIS, except DX lenses) to be used on EOS cameras. The lenses with aperture ring will be 100% function except auto focus while those without aperture ring can only be used work on maximum aperture. The EOS digital cameras are great digital solution for your Nikon lenses as NIKON D70/D100 not support metering for Nikon manual lens, however EOS do support.

This type adapter with very great advance lock pin, it is more convenice to open the lens.

Suit for all EOS mount adapter.

  • It support all Canon EOS 35mm film or Digital SLR cameras
  • It supports manual exposure, aperture priority exposure as well as TTL flash.
  • It supports Infinity Focus.
  • It allow AF - confirm.


  1. Put red marks of the adapter and lens collar togetter.
  2. Turn the adapter clockwise till the fixative click.
  3. Set Nikon lens.


To remove the adapter you should unpress fixative pin and turn the adapter clockwise.

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