58mm Adapter Tube Ring + UV CPL filter hood cap set for CANON G15 G16 FA-DC58D

58mm Adapter Tube Ring + UV CPL filter hood cap set for CANON G15 G16 FA-DC58D

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Brand new for CANON POWERSHOT G15 58MMAdapter 
+ MC UV filter + CPL filter + lens hood + lens cap set

You can install any 58mm filter or lens after use this adapter, 100% same as original

This adapter combined with two part

(When you use with Wide angle lens , you only need attach first part of this adapter)

(When you use with Tele lens , you need use both two part of this adapter, aims to give enough

room to your G15 for zooming)



This aluminum adapter can screws onto the front of YOUR Digital Camera easily and allow you to add

 screw-on lenses or filters. Having this adapter you can enhance the image quality and give extra protect on lense.



Technical Information


Mount Type: Front mount
Lens mount thread diameter: 58MM

Physical Characteristics

Color: BLACK
Material Aluminum


CANON PowerShot G15

You can install the following filters after mounted this adapter on your camera

Type of Filters Effect Sample


Remember that films and the CCDs behind your camera lens are sensitive to ultra-violet (i.e.. UV) rays, although they are invisible to our eyes. If you allow UV light to be recorded on the CCD, it is likely that your image will look bluish and the color casts may not be acceptable.  Installing UV filter, you can eliminate the lack of sharpness caused by UV radiation and reduces distant haze.



Skylight also can eliminate the lack of sharpness caused by UV radiation and reduces distant haze.  Skylight filter can also counter the excessive blue color of the sky in a sunny day, and produce a warmish tone



The polarizing filter has one main effect: it eliminates reflection from non metal surfaces. It is effective on:
  • Skies
    By eliminating the reflection of light on the tiny water droplets present in the atmosphere the polarizer brings more saturated and slighly darker skies. However this does not work from any angle. You will generally be able to assess the effect visually, especially with a SLR camera, but keep in mind that it works best with the sun at 90° from your position. With the sun in front, a polarizing filter will have no effect.
  • Water and reflective surfaces
    By eliminating reflections, the polarizing filter will tend to make water and other reflective surfaces more transparent. The effect will also vary depending on the angle to the reflective surface. If you place your camera very low above a river, the effect will be very limited. If you shoot from a bridge above it, the water will look totally transparent.
  • Colors
    The polarizing filter also reduces reflection from other surfaces such as foliage and thus makes their colors look more intense. It also tends to make shadow areas darker.
  • Light absorption
    The main side-effect of the polarizing filter is that it absorbs 1.5 stop of light. Thus if you shoot at 1/180th of a second and then add the filter, you will find yourself at 1/60th of a second. This happens whatever the orientation for a circular polarizer. This does not make a polarizing filter quite usable in low light or indoors but has some interesting uses as pointed out below.



Wide Angle

Wide-Angle lens multiply the camera's angle of view.  Great for landscapes or recording in situations where a little creative curvature of field or fish-eye effects, is wanted for a certain style.  These are add-on lenses for shooting wide angle photography.


Close Up

Available in +1, +2, and +4 diopters for close-up photography. Close-up filters are high-quality optical magnifying lenses which shorten the close-focusing distance of the lens. It allows the lens to go closer to the subject than before and to achieve a larger image scale. 
Use lenses individually or in combination for maximum effect 
Depth-of-field is shallow so use as small an aperture as possible,.


More Effect



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