Zenit MC Zenitar-M 2S 50mm F/2 Lens for M42

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Zenit MC Zenitar-M 2S 50mm F/2 Lens for M42

Detail Information

- Fitted to almost any camera with an suitable M42 adapter

- When used on APS-C (crop factor) digital cameras, this lens becomes a nice portrait lens, as it is effectively an 80mm on Canon's and a 75mm on Nikon's.​


- Focal length: 50mm
- Lens fitting: M42 mount (can add M42 adapters for other camera mounts)
- Relative aperture: F/2-16
- Angle of view: 45 degrees (35mm frame)
- Number of lens elements/groups: 6/4
​- Minimum distance when photographing: 35cm
- Light filter mounting thread: M46x0.75
- Weight: 140 g

Pack Included:

- ZENITAR-M 2S 50mm F2 lens for M42 x1
- Front + rear lens cap x1
- nylon carrying case x1

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