Samyang 8mm T3.8 Fisheye CSII lens

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Samyang 8mm T3.8 Fisheye CSII Lens for Canon/Nikon/Sony Alpha/Sony NEX

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Samyang is original lens factory in Korea, which help many other Brand OEM their lens.

This new Samyang lens is designed and manufactured using patented complex hybrid aspherical lens manufacturing technology, coupled with state-of-the-art optical technology. Samyang has succeeded in reducing optical aberrations and maintaining the performance of its lens using this technology.

Lens hood detachable, can be removed and re-installed freely.


- Image size of digital APS-C (1:1.5x)

- 180˚ of diagonal angle of view for 8mm of local distance for APS-C for the first time in a fish-eye lens.

- When the hood is removed, you can get almost real images from the camera with 35nn of image format.

- With its stereoscopic projection optical design, the lens can express distortion smoothing, thereby producing stable images.

- It compensates aberrations using a complex aspherical lens and, in the fully open position, produces high resolution and high contrast at the center of the lens as well as around the periphery of the lens.

- The detachable petal type hood and UMC (Ultra Multi Coating) design suppresses flaring and ghost images.

- Robust durability with a high strength aluminium frame.

- Smooth control when a follow focus is attached since the lens is equipped with a gear for the focus and aperture.

- The 8mm T3.8 FISH-EYE CS II lens for video recording is designed with its own mount.

- You can easily take photographs without installing an additional adaptor, by mounting the lens directly to the camera.

When using the 8mm T3.8 FISH-EYE CS II lens, you can set the focus of a subject by turning the focus adjustment ring, since it is an MF (manual focus) adjustment lens.

The minimum focus distance is 0.3 meter/0.98 feet. This is a manual focus lens and there is an aperture ring. Internal Focusing - but there is no magnification effect.

You can turn the aperture ring from 3.8 to 22 .

This lens quality is very good. The lens elements are multicoated (10 lenses in 7 groups, with one aspherical lens element)


Focal length: 8mm

Max. aperture: T3.8

Negative size: APS-C

Angular field:

- APS-C(1:1.5x) 180˚ (diagonal)

- APS-C(1:1.6x) 167˚ (diagonal)

Focusing rangge: from infinity to 0.3m

Filter connection: Not provided

Number of elements and groups: 10 elements / 7 qroups

Size: 103.6mm x Φ75.0mm

Weight: 465g

Mount: Canon,Nikon,Sony (option)

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